Still Trying to Find a Cure For Sciatica?

It is hard to live with sciatic nerve pain. Sometimes it seems like finding a cure can be even harder. Medication costs money, therapy costs money, surgery costs, well, lots of money. The options seem almost impossible to deal with.

Sometimes it seems like relief will never come. And lets be honest, no one wants to live their life this way. So many choices, so much pain. It seems like it will never end.

Is there really a Cure for Sciatica that will work for you?

Sciatic pain is caused for many reasons. But the main issue is inflammation. Either inflammation of the sciatic nerve or inflammation around the sciatic nerve. Either way, it results in that brutal pain.

One of the best ways to combat inflammation is to eat anti-inflammatory foods. There are many options here. Chicken, eggs, apples, green vegetables, they all fight inflammation. And learning the foods that fight inflammation from each food group means that you can literally build an entire meal plan to fight inflammation.

Another way to use foods to fight sciatica is to eat mainly alkaline based foods. Most food that is part of the standard american diet is acidic to your system. This leaves an acid residue. Alkaline foods not only clean this acidic residue, but they also give you tons of energy. The best part? There are many foods that are Both anti-inflammatory and alkaline (cue the tomato and green veggies).

This is just one of many fast ways to relieve sciatica. You can see results in less than a week.

To keep yourself pain free, simply eat more alkaline/anti-inflammatory foods than acidic/inflammatory foods.

Yes, it sounds crazy until you try it. But it really is that simple.