These Are the 5 Reasons for Bleeding Gums

There are numerous reasons that gums start bleeding. Although at times it might be temporary, but still some of them are matters of concern. You should be proactive in visiting a dental professional so that any sort of dental problem can be detected. Bleeding gums can lead to problems such as gum disease which can also take a serious shape. Today let us talk about 5 reasons why we suffer from bleeding gums:

1. Medications: We suffer from so many problems related our health that it leads us to take medications of all sorts. Many of these medications are blood thinning and have always been considered as an important reason for bleeding gums. Medications have also been related to oral conditions such as bad breath, stained teeth and many more. In case you are under some sort of medication then it is important to tell about it to the dental professional who is dealing with your condition.

2. Gingivitis: This is the first phase of gum disease. When plaque on our teeth and at the gum-line is not removed even by brushing and flossing you will suffer from dental condition called as gingivitis. During this dental condition your gums will be swollen, tender and will also start bleeding while brushing. Gingivitis can be cured by regular brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly. It is important to cure this dental condition as failing to do so will lead to a serious condition called as Periodontitis. This condition can also lead to tooth loss.

3. New Flossing Routine: If you change your flossing routine you might suffer from bleeding gums. Even if you have not flossed for a long time and restarted flossing then you might notice some bleeding. Apart from this if you floss incorrectly you will end up hurting your gums and start bleeding. This is not a serious issue and clears up within a week.

4. Smoking: This habit leads to cancer but before that it will cause dental problems. Smokers have a strong chance of experiencing bleeding gums. The chances of periodontal disease increases manifold when you smoke. The inhaled smoke leaves toxin which causes irritation in gums and it becomes difficult to remove through oral hygiene. These toxins will aggravate the gum problem and cause bleeding. The best way to avoid bleeding gums is by quit smoking.

5. Poor diet: To ensure that you do not suffer bleeding gums the most important step you need to take is following a proper diet. Consuming fresh and healthy vegetables along with grains, dairy and protein will ensure healthy gums without any sort of problems. Maintaining a proper lifestyle is the key to stay healthy and the same applies for our dental health.

Keep in mind these things and make sure you follow a proper dental hygiene and proper diet.