The Endurance T6iHRC Treadmill for a Fitter Physique

Maintaining heart’s health is vital for everyone and everybody knows the importance of cardio workouts but skip doing as travelling to gyms everyday is quite a tedious process. To make optimal cardio workouts feasible for everyone, Body Solid has designed the Endurance T6iHRC Treadmill with outstanding features such as heart rate control. This home treadmill is designed to meet the commercial standards for fitness equipment, so you can expect premium workout results with this device. No matter your regime endurance, speed, or weight loss, you can easily program every time you use this unit. Check what are the other benefits this device has to offer you.

The Endurance T6iHRC Treadmill is constructed using 2 x 3 inch and 2 x 4 inch steel frame to ensure heavy duty performance and designed to withstand pounding and jarring. It integrates a lifetime treadmill, which is extra thick, so you never have to be worried about the belt’s life. Like the other Endurance treadmills, even this unit has a fusion-seamed multi-ply belt, so you can have a smooth workout over the deck. Moreover, a low-maintenance deck featuring SRS (Suspended Running Surface) design and a multi-point shock absorption system is added to guarantee efficient yet stress-free workouts.

Case-hardened steel rollers with large diameter are incorporated in the Endurance T6iHRC Treadmill, so surface contact is increased. These steel rollers also have wide-radius crown and also contribute to the premium belt tracking. Not just fitness Body Solid has concentrated on safety aspects too, which is evident with the Family-Friendly Safety Keys that lets you instantly deactivate the device when needed.

About this fitness treadmill’s display unit, it has a 3-Window Profile Matrix LED display though which you can monitor your workout elevation, time, distance, speed, and calories burned. You can also track your heart rate control with the aid of heart rate strap that accompanies this unit.

If you had a noisy experience with your old treadmills then you definitely find a great difference with the Endurance T6iHRC Treadmill, which is known for its quite performance. It integrates a Poly-V Belt Drive System for this purpose, and hence you can listen to your favourite music or watch TV while doing workouts.

All the above mentioned features say that the Endurance T6iHRC Treadmill is one of its kind, and you can say goodbye to fatigue in your daily routines. So, get a Body Solid fitness treadmill to reduce your waistline and get a fitter and trimmer figure.