The Most Preferred Machine – A Recumbent Exercise Bicycle

There is always this stiff competition between the upright stationary bike and the recumbent exercise bicycle. You could go for whatever bike you want, but there are certain factors to consider before you decide on an upright bike or a recumbent exercise bicycle. If you are a gym regular, then you can ask your fitness instructor advice on the kind of bike that would be more useful for you at home. Most of the time, the decision will be based on a person’s physique. If you lean towards the heavy side, then you should seriously consider getting a recumbent exercise bicycle.

Overall, the general consensus is in favour of the recumbent exercise bicycle, because they are extremely comfortable to use. It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or a veteran, a recumbent exercise bicycle suits everybody. People of all ages can use this bike, but if you are overweight, you might have some initial difficulties in getting onto the bike; yet that could be solved within the first few days. With a recumbent exercise bicycle, you can adjust its settings in such a way that it works well with all kinds of fitness level. You can adjust the resistance level of the pedals, so if you want to do some easy bicycling you can go ahead with it. Not only that, your body is positioned in a comfortable, reclining style to relieve the stress on the knees. However, you will not be able to stand up and pedal on a recumbent like you can do with an upright model. People with slight back problems are advised the use of a recumbent exercise bicycle, because the stress level on the back is nil.

Cycling on the recumbent bike will work all those muscle groups in the lower part of your body. Your leg muscles will work really hard, harder than when compared to the upright stationary bike. The muscles at the back of your thighs are worked to perfection. Your quadriceps, the muscles on your upper thighs are provoked and trimmed. Your lower abdominal muscles are made strong and the fat melted away. The muscle group in your buttocks, called the Gluteus Maximus is made firm and attractive. Your hips are shaped when you push the pedals up and down.

A recumbent fitness bicycle is used by both professionals and amateurs and is often an integral part of their daily fitness regime.