Hair Loss and 3 Traditional Methods of Treatment

Young woman with hair loss problem indoors

Many traditional methods for hiding or concealing hair loss and male pattern baldness are still used today. There are numerous people who continue to get great results and feel more confident knowing their loss of hair is being covered up. Provided extra care is taken the traditional methods can provide excellent results for sufferers of this traumatic condition.

1. Wigs

The use of wigs is one of the oldest and best known methods of disguising hair loss.

It is commonly interpreted as a sign of weakness or immorality in many cultures around the world, therefore the use of wigs can instantly disguise ones baldness. In Great Britain alone, approximately one and a half million wigs are sold each year, indicating a huge demand for this traditional method of concealing baldness.

The most common form of attachment is to attach a wig to the scalp with tape or glue. This method is far from bulletproof with many wigs becoming detached at inconvenient moments causing huge embarrassment in public. Many wearers are restricted from engaging in many sports and activities in case the wig dislodges, which would be humiliating.

An expensive well fitted wig can almost pass undetected. Noticeable wigs are usually of poorer construction and not custom made or colour matched to the individual. As time passes the wearer’s hair colour can alter, allowing the wig to become more apparent.

2. Toupees

Toupees are very similar to wigs but generally cover a much smaller area. The main problems associated are fitting and cleanliness.

You can actually swim and shower with a wig on, but these activities will quickly cause permanent damage to the toupee, as water affects the colour and styling. Soap, sea water and chlorine in swimming pools will quickly shorten the life span of a wig or a toupee.

3.Artificial Hair Thickeners

Hair thickeners or concealers are suitable for thinning or fine hair in alopecia sufferers, a patient with a hair transplant or men with male pattern baldness.

  • Solid Concealers: These products are coloured powders that coat and thicken the hair without clogging the pores or affecting natural hair growth.
  • Spray Thickeners: These products are sprayed onto the hair, which covers bald spots or thinning hair. They do require practice to get the desired result. A large range of colours mean almost everyone would be able to find a match, they should be sprayed onto existing hairs to be most effective.
  • Particle Application: A method to eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair by sprinkling thousands of tiny colour matched hair fibers on to the scalp. The fibres bond with the existing hair by static electricity and will remain in place even in strong winds or torrential rain.