Shampoos And Conditioners – All Your Questions Answered!

If you’ve been to a hair salon and talked to some of their stylists you might know that they usually recommend occasional shampoo rotation. Why should you rotate shampoo and conditioner?

Have you noticed, when you use a great new shampoo, that for a while it’s amazing, and your hair looks and feels fab… but after a while, that shampoo tends to leave your hair, well, dull? That’s because your hair builds up immunity, of sorts, to the composition of specific shampoos and conditioners. That particular concoction of proteins and hydrating ingredients has done it’s just and has done everything it can do for your hair. It’s not that it has stopped working, just that it can’t do anymore.

You can also experience a build up on your hair, particularly if you are using a moisturising shampoo. Many shampoos and conditioners that leave your hair feeling silky contain silicones, or other ingredient that coat the hair shaft to seal the cuticle (and give you that amazing feel and shine). So whilst the occasional clarifying shampoo is a good idea, periodic rotation between several good quality brands is also the way to keep your favourite hair care products giving you the results you want.

If you’re prone to dandruff, you might also consider rotating dandruff shampoo use as well. Some women alternate between shampoos so that they can fight specific problems such as dandruff or dry scalp as well as benefit from using their favourite shampoos without overdoing it and reducing benefits of that brand.

Here are some stylist tips for you to get the best hair results possible:

• Match shampoo and conditioner. If you buy a specific brand of shampoo, consider buying the matching conditioner within the same brand. Generally, they’re composed so that they complement one another.

• Don’t bother with 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner combos. Sure they work in a pinch but generally don’t pack the same conditioning punch as true conditioners do. How can you cleanse and moisturise at the same time?

• Talk to your hair stylist. Hair stylists will often recommend specific brand names out of experience. If you’re dealing with dull hair or residue that would be easily solved with a clarifying shampoo, for instance, your stylist can give you this info to help you improve the look and feel of your hair.

• Get treatments once in a while. Maybe you need a moisturising treatment. Perhaps a protein treatment, or maybe even a Keratin smoothing treatment would be helpful in helping to restore your hair — particularly if you use a lot of hair styling products and heat styling as well.

• Invest in better shampoo. Talk to your stylist about the products he or she uses.

• A trim can do wonders. If your hair feels lifeless, a good haircut, even a trim, can do wonders for the body and bounce level.

• Choose carefully. Beyond picking a specific brand name, choose something suited for your hair. Some hair products are designed for damaged hair, colour treated hair, dry hair, limp hair, and so on. Instead of an all-purpose shampoo for your whole family, you might consider buying products that suit specific family members’ needs.

• Read the label. If it says shampoo, twice, then shampoo twice! Generally the first shampoo will remove surface build up, oils, styling products etc. The second shampoo will open the cuticle and deep clean, leaving the cuticle open to better absorb your conditioner… If you wash your hair every day, and don’t use styling products or oils, then you can possibly skip the second shampoo.