Massage Therapy Tips and Reminders

A massage session is perhaps one of the greatest stress relievers since ancient times. People have been seeking various massage therapy techniques to relax their tensed muscles after a very stressful day. Because of the boom in the alternative health industry, many people go to spas and clinics for treatments. While this is good for the economy, it may pose threat for the people seeking massage especially if the therapists are not properly trained.

Here are some tips and reminders so that you can get the most out of your massage session.

1. Seek medical approval.

Massage therapy has never been intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. For people with delicate medical conditions such as hypertension, risk of heart attack, diabetes, etc., always seek approval of your medical doctor first before availing of any massage treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice prior to subjecting yourself to alternative treatments.

2. Assess massage therapists.

Massage therapy requires people who are affable, good in communicating with others, compassionate, and effective even with minimum supervision.

Massage primary works through touch and its effectiveness is dependent on who gives that touch. Professional massage therapists are required to attend seminars and trainings annually so that they are updated with the latest techniques and researches. Check for certificates and proofs that your therapist is licensed and has undergone professional training. There have been cases of massage malpractice and we surely do not want you to be included in the statistics.

3. Know your goal in getting a massage treatment.

Are you having a massage for relaxation purposes only; or are you seeking massage treatment to get rid of chronic muscle pain? It is important that you know why you are having that treatment before actually getting one. Knowledge of your goal is also important in communicating with your massage therapists regarding the type of service you are expecting.

4. Determine the type of treatment you will have.

This is connected with the previous item. If your aim is for general relaxation purposes, then Swedish massage is for you. Swedish massage is the most popular technique. It is characterized by long strokes following the direction of blood towards the heart. Swedish massage usually lasts for an hour or so.

If your aim is to get rid of chronic muscular aches and pains, you might want to try having a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage targets deeply seated traces of tension in the body. It corrects muscle knots which cause muscle pain and it also aids in the release of bodily toxins through the use of deep pressure directed right through the muscle grains. Deep tissue massage usually causes soreness afterwards so be prepared to take a rest the day after your therapy session.

There are a lot of other options. For more information on your options for treatments, consult with a certified massage therapist.

5. Complement regular treatment with a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of regular therapeutic body treatments will all be in vain if you are not mindful of your own body. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, embark in exercise programs, and live a healthy life.