Any Solutions For Premature Ejaculation That Will Work Tonight?

This is a classic scenario all guys have faced. We have a problem we need to deal with, yet we put it off until the last minute and then we suddenly need an immediate solution!

This is common with seeking solutions for premature ejaculation. We know we should take the time to learn the exercises and do the routines. Yet we put them off.

Then all of a sudden we meet a woman. And before you know it we are hooking up with them to potentially have sex.

Of course we immediately feel frustration: “Darnit! I should’ve learned those exercises to last longer! Tonight could be the night!”

But we do have a few options. Check these out:

Before we get totally into the options, the first thing you should do is to just obtain a lasting longer routine which has the exercises necessary to prevent premature ejaculation for good. Once you have the exercises, promise yourself that you will start learning how to last as soon as possible, so you won’t always have to rely on the following options.

Okay, here’s the first option: Last Longer Creams.

You apply this cream to your penis a few minutes before sex and what it does is essentially dulls the sensitivity. Numbs it up some. This way you won’t get over excited as quickly since you won’t be feeling as much. Not the best solution, but it is something to consider.

Here’s the second option: Masturbating Before Sex.

Believe it or not this works very well for lasting longer. If you get the first ejaculation out of the way, then your second one will take much, much longer to achieve, hence you’ll be lasting long in the sack. This is always the case during normal sex. The first time is quick, and your second time several minutes later, lasts much longer. So you can basically just get the first one out of the way on your own from the start by quickly masturbating about 30 minutes or so before actual sex is to potentially occur.