Erectile Dysfunction – A Nightmare in Your Sex Life

Erectile dysfunction is like a nightmare which can rock your sex life but like every problem it can be cured successfully but a lot of patience is required and one should be ready to accept one’s problem and take the necessary steps. Nearly 30 million American men frequently suffer from Erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is sexual dysfunction caused by the constant failure to have or maintain an erection. The penis needs to be pumped with blood in order to achieve an erection but as a result of erectile dysfunction it fails to happen. When a man is aroused, his brain sends a command to the veins in the pelvis followed by the arteries pumping blood into the spongy tissues, corpora cavernosa, spanning the length of the penis but sometimes the blood does not reach the penis and no erection is achieved, despite arousal. This may be because of some injury or disease festering on the tissues, narrowing of the arteries or inability of the nervous system to respond to the arousal. The reasons for Erectile dysfunction range from physical to psychological. A person suffering from a disease like Diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, Vascular or kidney problems is likely to suffer from Erectile dysfunction but he can be cured by treating whichever disease he has. Certain medicines, like the ones taken for high blood pressure, antidepressants, tranquilizers, may also result in ED and as has been observed over 200 prescribed drugs may render a man impotent. A number of surgeries and radiation therapies damage the nerves required for pumping blood into the penis making it virtually impossible to have an erection.

While physical problems may pose serious threats to a man’s potency, psychological trouble cannot be ignored either. Guilt, anxiety, depression and most importantly sexual insecurity can be concrete causes for sexual impotence. A thorough medical examination accompanied by a urine and blood test should be done to discern the cause and medical history of the entire family too needs to be taken into account. Duplex ultrasound may be required to study the blood flow and tests such as the bulbocavernosus reflex test may need to be conducted to evaluate the nerve sensation in the penis. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided and drugs like Alternative Viagra can be prescribed to boast the libido. If ED is caused by testosterone deficiency than hormone medication may be required. If none of these work than a surgery may be required or self injections, both may have several ill-effects on the health of the person involved. Vacuum devices can be used to pump blood into the penis and hence causing an erection. It comes with a plastic cylinder, a pump and an elastic band. The penis is placed inside the plastic cylinder and the pump draws air out of it while the elastic band, located around the base of the penis, maintain the erection.

Psychological problems can be countered through sexual therapy and by gentle caring and understanding of the sexual partner. Homeopathy and herbal medicines may also prove effective.

Long lasting and permanent: The health benefits that are associated with the herbal pills are all long lasting and also permanent. This is a very great advantage because, if you try any other medications, they are all short term solutions for a problem and as soon as the effect of the medication wears off, the person will start suffering from the same problem. On the other hand, the herbal pills cause the person to have a permanent solution for every problem.

Nutrients: The herbal pills have a lot of natural nutrients that give additional strength to the person. Though a herbal pill may be given to the person to focus on a specific disease, it does not actually give relief from only that disease, but it also provides relief from various other deficiencies in the body because of the amounts of nutrients that are present in the body.