Cash Practice Physical Therapy – John F Barnes, PT Tells How To Get There For Free

Are you lounging on the deck of a sinking ship? Whether you just want to bring more cash into your life or go to a totally cash physical therapy practice you must continue learning. John Barnes, PT says, “We physical therapists MUST start providing services for which our clients are willing to pay cash or we will sink”.

According to Medicare, “Without changes, by 2040 the Social Security Trust Fund will be exhausted. By then the number of Americans 65 and older is expected to have doubled. There won’t be enough younger people working to pay all of the benefits owed to those who are retiring. At that point there will be enough money to pay only about 74 cents for each dollar of scheduled benefits.”.

Through study and hard work, John Barnes, PT, has become a success. In his clinics he no longer accepts third party payments. He and his staff can work with clear minds. They are free to focus on our clients and meet their needs without interruptions to satisfy third party payers. No remote entity comes between them and their patients. Even for them it didn’t happen overnight.

They took the steps to be able to do this but had no road map. They had their share of insurance headaches and still are required by law to accept workman’s compensation cases in their Pennsylvania clinic. No one had blazed the trail for them. They were alone trying to push their way out of the maze of insurance hassles. John states, “How much easier it would have been to have found an advisor to guide us”.