How to Remain Fit and Healthy Before and After Pregnancy

One of the greatest feeling in the world for a women is to be pregnant, which is followed by drastic changes in the body and mind of a women.The first and foremost thing that all women need to understand is that pregnancy is a natural process which almost 99% of the women on this planet face.

So they should not get or feel stressed and should not even get too much emotional.They should get into the habit of staying happy.At the time of pregnancy woman body faces a lot of hormonal changes which effects her skin in particular.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy:

1.To eat a lot of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables along with their juices.

2.To avoid high calorie and oily food which is the common reason why pregnant women feel acidic and heart burning sensation.

3.To eat all kinds of pulses and meat along with an egg and two cups of milk per day which helps in providing calcium and other essential vitamins.

4.To work out light exercises prescribed by an obstetrician and gynecologist.

5.To use medicines and cosmetics which are only advised by your gynecologist.

6.To use cosmetics which are moist and contain the PH balance formula.

7.To sleep at your left side at it helps in blood circulation and you can use additional pillows under your knees and thighs so that you can fight your back and body pain along with leg cramps.

8.You should also avoid soda and carbonated drinks.

9.The last but not least point is to take lot of rest particularly at this time compared to normal times as rest is the most vital point in pregnancy as it helps in fighting stress, tiredness etc to keep you healthy – mentally and physically.