Spa Fitness and Other Versatile Regimes With a Water Gym

If you’re a lover of hydrotherapy, you’re also going to love this brand new product that’s making waves in the water-based spa fitness world. A new aquatic fitness system aims to providing total wellness by combining the benefits of regular gym exercises and the calming effect of a swimming pool. Apart from swimming, this system allows you to carry out exercises such as walking, stretching, strength training, and rowing. Given the weightlessness of your body underwater, the exercises you do tone up your body more efficiently.

For some years now, the concept of a swim spa has been very popular. But this particular system is a step ahead. The users of these fitness systems have discovered several benefits. The benefits are bigger and better than any regular spa fitness regime that you might have tried. Heres why:

  • Versatile regimes: You can choose to simply swim or undertake rowing exercises to strengthen upper body muscle groups such as arms, shoulders and chest.
  • Swim in place: It’s worth trying the benefits of this method that is sometimes referred to as treadmill swimming. It entails swimming in one place yet the calories you burn are unbelievable.
  • Walk or jog: This system also features tensor cords that you can attach to your body and walk in one place without actually moving forward. You need to put in more energy to walk underwater, which is precisely why you get a better toned body.
  • Muscle work outs: You can work all the important muscle groups such as biceps, triceps and lats, among others. With this system you can get every single muscle moving. The result is an enviable body that’s not the result of artificial procedures.
  • Physiotherapy: Since underwater movements are gentle and relaxing, a number of medical practitioners are advocating water-based exercises for injury recovery and rehabilitation. The gentle movement of water, especially if it is warm, can work wonders on your mind too.

For several years now, you’ve been reading about the benefits of hydrotherapy. It’s high time you experienced it for yourself. Instead of paying hefty sums at the gym year after year, it’s wiser to invest in this single solution. And the best part is that this single investment can be used by all your family members. Having your own little pool at home also eliminates the need for paying membership fees at your community swimming pool. Your kids will love this swim spa.

This fitness system is also available with several accessories and such as fitness gear and a special swim tether system that helps in endurance training. As you can see, you can get adventurous as well as choose for a relaxing spa fitness session with this aquatic fitness system.