Fake Resveratrol – The #1 Way to Avoid Buying Bad Resveratrol (Ignore These at Your Own Risk)

Are you considering buying Resveratrol? Thinking about getting a head start on being happier, healthier and more youthful in the coming year? It’s a GREAT move….and making my own decision to start paying more attention to my health and wellness has changed my life in powerful, and profound ways.

I’ve got more energy. I FEEL better. I’m more productive. And to hear others…..I simply LOOK better today than I have in many years. One of the primary ways I’ve been able to do all of this in a super short time is focus. Focus on what I’m putting in my body…and a commitment to researching the very best natural “technologies” to turbo charge my march to optimum wellness.

The Straight Scoop on Resveratrol

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve certainly heard about Resveratrol and it’s fountain of youth style suite of benefits. And while I not only recommend Resveratrol supplements as a consumer and as an active affiliate, I did have to learn the hard way about “fake” Resveratrol products. (or simply “bad” products being sold by manipulative marketers) The most powerful lessons that you need to pay attention to if you DON’T want to make the same mistakes I made are below:

Never (EVER) Buy Resveratrol Supplements That “sport” the Image of a Celebrity on Their Bottle or Web site

Why? Because while many celebrities DO advocate for Resveratrol in your diet, they DON’T allow their likeness to be used for marketing purposes. (unless of course, they are being compensated for it..:-) So when you see those images of Dr. Oz or Oprah on a website, it SHOULD be a major red flag, rather than a reason to believe the product is superior. (update – Oprah is actually suing more than 50 different Resveratrol manufacturers and affiliates as of September 09 for this very deceptive practice) I learned this the hard way…after hearing both Dr. Oz, Oprah and other daytime talk shows talk about Resveratrol, and then seeing their faces on the bottle…..I bought on that basis alone, without paying much attention at all!

I also recommend avoiding outrageous claims in general

Yes, many believe that Resveratrol will be the greatest anti-aging and wellness discovery in a really long time. (one eminent Harvard scientist claimed it could be as big as penicillin!) But many of the more outrageous claims cross the line of good taste and good science alike – so if you see something that doesn’t sit will in your gut, I say…stay away!