Resveratrol Side Effects – CAUTION! What You MUST Know About Buying Resveratrol Right Now

Does Resveratrol have any side effects? Do all of these amazing benefits that we hear so much about come with a price? (like…is it dangerous?) In this article we are going to talk about the side effects you MUST be aware of before you buy Resveratrol supplements, and why even though Resveratrol is totally safe..there remains a reason to pay close attention before whipping out your wallet. (or purse..-) Read on.

All Resveratrol Products are NOT Created Equal

What does that mean? Very simply, not only are there different amounts of trans Resveratrol in different popular products currently being sold, there are also different additives and other extraneous ingredients that you really should be aware of before you buy.

For Example……

One of my close friends is allergic to green tea. Sounds a bit weird, right? But it’s true..and she is simply unable to drink green tea without having some sort of allergic reaction that spoils the rest of her day..:-) Guess what? One of the very common Resveratrol supplements on the market (and one that I personally really love) also has some green tea extract. She didn’t pay attention..and bought it, and found herself NOT feeling great immediately afterward. (once she looked at the bottle she immediately understood why)

The Key Takeaway is This

Resveratrol is safe. I’m not a doctor of course, but there are no ‘warnings’ in any of the general health and wellness literature about reasons to avoid it. (but check yourself if you’re concerned obviously) What you really DO need to look for, however, is any other ingredients that may not sit well with you. (and while not common, some of us ARE allergic to random or even odd ingredients that are commonly found in supplements, so just check the bottle, or the web site before you buy to make sure you are good to go!)