Dieting Alone Is Never Enough to Lose Weight Says Ido Fishman

How many people have you met who try to lose weight by eating less? You might have a few in your office and some in your family too. However, the best fitness experts of the world, such as Ido Fishman, believe that dieting alone is never enough for you to lose weight. In fact, it is not even the right strategy for losing weight and become fit. Those who hold this opinion have a lot of solid arguments to give in the favor of their opinion.

If you are someone considering losing weight through dieting, you should think twice. You have to weigh all your options and see how much difference the dietary changes can really make. When you have an expert like Ido Fishman telling you that this method does not work, it is time for you to give your methodology of losing weight a second thought. Let’s dive into the details of why this method is not enough.

Burning Calories Is Extremely Important

The whole idea of losing weight and becoming fit revolves around the intake and burning of calories. When you eat food, you are putting calories in the body. These calories are like little packets of energy that you have to consume. If you don’t, they turn into fat and latch on to your body for as long as you don’t burn them. When you are dieting, you are not burning these fats or calories. Yes, you reduce their intake by eating less, but that’s not the best strategy as you can see clearly. Eating less and losing more means you will be flushing out any excess calories faster than ever.

For this reason, it makes sense for you to engage in daily exercising and fitness workouts if you want the best results. If you can’t figure out why it’s taking so much time for you to lose weight, you might want to include exercise in your daily fitness routine.

Hunger Can Destroy Your Diet

When you are only controlling your diet, you are doing only one thing i.e. not eating enough. What happens when you don’t eat enough? Well, you feel hungry. And what happens when you feel hungry? You want to eat. That’s the paradox you throw yourself into when you try to lose weight through starvation. You are only keeping yourself hungry and causing your body to crave food more than ever. In other words, you have to fight this battle of cravings all the time. That one moment when you lose control can prove to be disastrous to your diet.

You lose control for a second and the next moment, you find yourself eating all sorts of food. When you succumb to your hunger, you end up eating more than you usually eat. In other words, whatever weight you have lost after weeks of diet comes back on within a couple of days.

Extreme Diets Can Disturb Your Body Functions

According to Ido Fishman, this is the most serious side effect of trying to lose weight through dieting only. When you don’t enough for many days, you start disturbing your body functions. For example, you will notice constant flatulence in your bowels when they are empty. Hunger pangs can be very painful too. You might feel nausea and tiredness all the time, which can lead to bad mood throughout the day. Your brain functions may start to dwindle when you are not eating enough and stopping healthy blood from flowing into your organs. In short, you should eat healthy in moderation and combine it with great workout programs to get the best results.

Final Thoughts

Ido Fishman says that the opposite of this strategy also applies. What he means by that is that you should not exercise and eat uncontrollably at the same time. Just because you are exercising a lot does not mean you have the license to without any restrictions. Processed foods, too much sweet etc. can cause other serious illnesses. So, moderation while exercising and dieting is the key.