Butt Exercises – Exercises To Tone and Shape Your Butt

If you are not in shape then you are not ready for the summer. Are you dreading the thought of getting your butt into a bikini? Try out some of the simple exercises listed in this article to tone and shape your butt.

• Walking Lunges: Stand upright with your feet apart at your hip width. Keep your arms straight and hold a pair of dumbbells. Move forward taking a large step, lower your body in such a way that the knee is aligned with your ankle and the back knee almost touches the floor.

Using your back foot push off, with the other foot move forward again taking a large step. Take at least 15-20 steps in the same way. Turn around when you are done and then repeat the process. When lowering your body contract your gluteus.

• Extension Step Ups: With your palms facing the sides of your body, hold dumbbells. Keep your arms straight and step behind a high step, about 6-12 inches high. With the right foot step up onto the high step, lift your left knee to hip height. With your left foot step down and repeat with your right side.

• Bent Leg Reverse Kick Up: Get down on your knees and hands on a mat, raise the left leg parallel to the floor. Allow your knee to bend slightly and let you right leg and arms support your body. Contract your butt while lifting your left leg towards the ceiling. Keep your knee slightly bent. Slowly go back to the position you started with and repeat with your right side. If you would like to make the exercise a little more difficult then use an ankle weight on the working leg.

• Lying Gluteus Lift: Lie down on the floor with the knees bent. Use your arms to support yourself. Contract your gluteus lift upwards in a motion projecting the hips towards the ceiling. Lower your hips again and stop before you touch the floor. When you move upwards exhale and inhale when you return to the position you started with.

• Smith Machine Rear Squat: You can either use free weights or a Smith machine for this exercise. Place the bar of the machine across your back; do not rest it on your neck. Keep a shoulder distance between your feet. Ensure you keep the knees behind your toes throughout the exercise and don’t arch the back. Lower the weight, contract your gluteus and stop when you knees reach a 90 degree angle. Return to the first position and repeat the process. Remember to exhale when lowering the weights and exhale when you go back.

• Cycling: Riding a bike can help you shape your thighs, hips and gluteus. To tone your gluteus, use your heel to push the pedal down and pull the pedal up during the upswing, this ensures that the entire leg is involved in the workout. Also try lifting your butt upwards, contract and pedal slowly for brief periods.