Putting on make-up is an art in itself and it is definitely a difficult one. Not all of us are make-up experts and if you are having a hard time putting on make-up and making your face glow, try these tips straight from the models to help you with your make-up.

To make you look more refined, model Hilary Rhoda suggest that you contour and highlight your cheekbones. Do this with just a bit of bronzer and you will have that refined look models have in no time.

The easiest and simplest way to make your eyes pop is to just curl your eyelashes, according to Australian model Jessica Hart. She says you can do it even without mascara and it actually even looks better without mascara. Jourdan Dunn’s take on this is also very simple, just take a card and put it behind your eyelashes. Push the eyelashes towards the card and you will have pretty curly eye lashes in a flash. Most models would never forget to curl their eye lashes because they believe it really opens their eyes.

To have that fresh look, try not to put too much eye liner around your eyes. Jacquelyn Jablonski has always followed what she was told. Just put eye liner on the corners of your eyes and not be too heavy on it, unless of course you want to achieve smokey eyes.

Iman’s number one tip is to wear bronzers. She said it is best that you put them on the periphery of your face and it will make you look tan. This is best for very pale people. It will make you look as if the sun kissed your skin on your stay at the beach.

For Asian beauty Liu Wen, you should always pay attention to your lips. For her, it is the ultimate attention grabber. The only thing you need to think of is to buy the perfect shade of lipstick that would complement to your skin and you are good to go, especially when you are in a hurry.

As you grow older and as you experience more stress, it is natural that the area under your eyes become darker. Yulia Kharlapanova suggests that you wear concealer to cover the under-eye circles. You put them on by covering the circles first then make the concealer blend in.

What Frida Gustavsson does when she thinks she looks tired is that she puts beige eye liner in the rim of the inside of her eyes. She believes that this makes her look fresh. You do not have to put a lot of make-up to make your face look fresh. She thinks this is enough just do not forget to highlight your cheekbones.

These are some basic make up tips straight from models. You can actually try it and see how it makes a different in your looks. Keep in mind the each individual is unique and that you are beautiful in your own way.