Important Things You Should Know About Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction or tooth removal is carried so as to ensure that there is no further damage to our mouth. It also ensures that we do not suffer from any other dental problems such as Periodontitis or Gum Disease. This is the reason why you should know everything about tooth removal and this article covers all that.

Apart from tooth decay and damage there are many other reasons for tooth removal or tooth extraction. These reasons are mentioned below and it is important for us to make sure that we pay close attention to them:

1. You have an extra tooth which is blocking the other teeth to erupt. Here you would require wisdom tooth removal.

2. At times baby teeth does not fall and in turn this affects the growth of permanent teeth.

3. If you have dental braces set up then your dentist might have to get some tooth extracted to create more room for other teeth.

4. If you are receiving radiation treatment in the head and the neck portion then teeth extraction from the radiation affected area becomes necessary.

5. Wisdom tooth removal is carried out whether they have erupted or not. The third molars are removed when they are decayed, infected, or if there is not enough room in the mouth.

Tooth extraction is of two types and before undergoing you should know about them as well:

a) Simple Extraction: This procedure of tooth extraction is carried out only when tooth is visible. This procedure is generally carried out by general dentists. The dentist will loosen the tooth using a set of instrument called as an elevator. Thereafter the tooth is removed using forceps.

b) Surgical Extraction: This is a tedious procedure and is used when tooth is broken at the gum line or if they have not erupted at all. The procedure is carried out by oral maxillofacial surgeons. With a small incision cut on the gum line the surgeon will remove the broken tooth or wisdom tooth. It might be imperative to remove some bone from the tooth or cut the teeth in half so that it can be easily extracted. You will be given local anesthetic along with an intravenous anesthesia. The procedure is painful and this is the reason why you are also given steroids. These steroids help in reducing pain and swelling. In case you experience pain then make sure to tell your dentist about it.

There will be slight discomfort even though you undergo simple tooth extractions. You can take drugs such as Advil, Motrin and others, as they can greatly decrease pain after a tooth extraction. However make sure that your dentist recommends you these medications. The level and time duration of pain will depend on the intensity and difficulty in tooth removal. To reduce the discomfort you can try out these steps:

1. Use ice packs on your face as this will help in reducing swelling.

2. Eat soft and cool foods

3. Use salt water to rinse your mouth. This should be done 24 hours after the surgery.

4. Do not smoke or drink a cold drink.

In case you experience any sort of difficulty even after trying everything make sure you speak with your dentist.

Going to the dentist for a procedure and even just a check up can be scary and stressful for your kid. For ways you can help dental anxiety in your child, please see the tips below.

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