Just a few short years ago wearing eyeglasses was still considered an absolute taboo in the fashion world – only to worn, or even considered to be worn, if they were truly required! Contacts had already made their debut, and were allowing all of those suffering from vision-correction ditch their specs, and finally join the ranks among the most stylish! Glasses were so not cool, and it never would have been a consideration that they ever would be! That was just a few short years ago. However, now, when you walk down the street, you can’t turn around without spotting five different people in eyeglasses! The thing of it is: you don’t just see people in glasses everywhere, you see people in the same style glasses everywhere! This style has completely taken over our schools, offices, and of course: catwalks! So, how can you take back your vision-correction needs and choose some hip new geek chic glasses? Follow this guide for some helpful tips!

There are quite a few different looks to the geek chic eyeglasses frames. The main identifying features of this styled glasses are the material, distinguishing bright color palettes, and larger “geeky” lenses. The most popular of the geek chic eyeglasses come in thick black plastic full frames, with the classic wayfarer-styled lenses. While these frames are hitting the streets in a plethora of different brighter color options, black remains the most commonly seen. These frames were the first of the geek chic style, but they are certainly not the last.

With this new fashion trend, came back the classic types of glasses from the 1950s. This look includes thick plastic frames, that sit above faux semi-rimless, full-framed lenses. The lenses are connected to the thick plastic top and are surrounded typically by thin metal (that adds to the illusion of them being semi-rimless). They usually continue with the wayfarer styling, but of course, the bottom of the lenses differ tremendously. These frames can more modernly be seen on the show Mad Men, as they were the “geeky” style – even back in the 50s! The last notable fashion statement making its debut again, back in the geek chic trend, is also from generations past – similar to John Lennon’s classic frames. The lenses are perfectly round circles, usually fully surrounded by thick plastic, that are connected by a matching thinner metal bridge and metal stems sticking back. These frames – with the exception of the lens shapes – are basically the opposite of the others. However, one thing they all tend to have in common is that thick plastic – it’s certainly made its comeback!

Now that you know the main styles you’re looking for when choosing your next pair of glasses frames, you’ll be well on your way to blowing everyone away with your fashion know-how! Glasses can be very expensive, so building up your geek chic collection will go very slowly if you choose to buy glasses the old fashioned way! When you look for eyeglasses online, you end up spending far less money – and that means more options for your new stock!