Treadmill is the best equipment to get back in shape and to stay fit, but to make best use of it you need certain accessories. Wondering what? Read below and be well informed of what to be bought when you bring home a fitness treadmill.

Of all essential treadmill accessories, a cleaning kit is very vital because only if you keep the machine clean it can function well for an extended time. This way you also reduce the expenditure cost on repair and maintenance. Usually, a cleaning kit includes a cleaning solution, a scrub brush, and an applicator wand, and it also comes with an instruction manual to help you how to use it properly.

Owing a treadmill exercise book is ideal, it lets you know about the different types of workouts that you can perform with a treadmill and enjoy its maximum benefits. Not just this, you can also know how to properly use the machine.

When you use a treadmill to lose weight and strengthen cardio vascular system then you put constant pressure on the deck, which in turn puts pressure on the floor. Stress level may vary according to the treadmill but can cause harm to the floor. By placing a treadmill mat below the machine can protect the floor as it creates a cushion which reduces the noise and keeps the fitness device stable while it is running.

Some people don’t prefer to use a treadmill throughout the year as they may opt to walk outdoor during summer. In such cases, dust may get collected under and around the belt that makes the machine to run slow when you start. The best way to avoid this is frequent cleaning of the machine even when it is not in use, which is quite tedious, so it is wise to protect it with a treadmill cover. You can go for a cover intended for your treadmill model or buy a customised one.

Due to constant use the treadmill wears down, like if the motor is not lubricated well enough you may end up getting a misaligned belt which is quite common in foldable treadmills. You can avoid this if you have a lubrication kit. A kit comes with a lubricant solution and an application set, some with brush and some with nozzle. While buying a lubrication kit make sure it suits your model as there are few models that require no lubrication at all.