All You Need to Know About Grounding

Grounding is the actual process of placing your feet on the ground and making contact with sand, dirt, grass or concrete, especially wet ones. There are some recent reports which indicate that direct contact of your body with the electrons of the earth which have anti-oxidant effects, optimizes your immune system. These electrons from the ground protect your body from inflammation and other health consequences.

According to the study, the earth’s surface contains a negative electrical potential and that while you make a direct contact with it, these electrons are released and induced a positive effect to your body, optimizing your health condition. Grounding or “Earthing” as others may call it, is completely safe for our body and minimizes the ill effects of your exposures to such electromagnet or “bad electricity.”

Just imagine how many are you exposed to radiation brought about by different gadgets that you always have with you such as cell phones, tablets, televisions, etc? Through these gadgets, you are storing electromagnets in your body that need to be displaced and the best way to do it is through washing or taking a bath. You really need to check on these gadgets at night before going to sleep. Don’t keep your cell phone under your pillow or leave the TV turned on as you take a sleep. Having all those electromagnets in your body can keep you from taking a good, restful sleep.

Effects of Grounding

A regular direct contact with the earth is essential, as it is the source of your body to bolster your immune system, improves body circulation and synchronizes bio-rhythms and other physiological processes. This makes grounding the best anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Benefits of Grounding to our Health

The most important benefit that grounding gives to your body is to provide you with electrons that are essential in the restoration of your body system after you had gotten all these ill effects from having constant exposure to various electromagnets. Antioxidants provided by these electrons from the earth nullify if not minimize the ill effects of these electromagnets or what they called “”bad Electricity.” The transfer of these electrons from the earth to your body produces a positive effect to the inflammatory process rendering it minimized, including body pains. These electrons further restore the normal process in the body circulation, thereby producing good body circulation.

Modern science had established that grounding is the best treatment for inflammatory and other chronic diseases. It can even be a possible treatment to aging-related sickness or even to aging itself. Hence by grounding yourself, you may prevent or treat inflammatory illness. Many of our ancestors were doing this process since time immemorial. Here are other health benefits of grounding:

• Reduces chronic pain and improves blood circulation

• Lowers stress and induces calmness for a restful sleep

• Increases energy and regulates bio-rhythms

• Relieves muscle tension and headaches

• Minimizes menstrual pains and other female hormone symptoms

• Optimizes body immune system and bolsters recovery from illness

• Improved digestion

• Accelerates recovery from intense workout

We must have long overlooked grounding in our health system for there are many testimonies and evidences provided that many people had indeed benefited from this kind of treatment. The minimal cost it entails had made it affordable by everyone. Only the lack of information dissemination hinders an individual from undergoing this kind of treatment.

With our global modernization and industrialization, many people would find it hard to treat themselves by grounding. With time getting more valuable than any other things, treating yourself to a date with nature will get you away from your job and other important matters. This is what makes grounding a luxury nowadays. However, taking into consideration these facts, our new technology are trying to find ways to bring us innovations that would provide the same results. Now there are available grounding kits and mats in the market for you to avail so you won’t be deprived of experiencing grounding. Grounding now can be done in the comfort of your living room.

With this technology and innovations, many people are gaining access to the grounding system as an alternative kind of healing for their physiological disorders, inflammatory, chronic illness, pains, etc. Medical world had not yet formally recognized it as a form of medical treatment although it recognizes the importance of grounding in our medical discovery. It will still take time and several tests before grounding will be considered as a medical treatment. Yet somehow, more and more people have tried and experienced satisfaction from “being grounded.”

Grounding may be considered so young in terms of discovery in the modern world, but it had been long practiced by ancient cave men. We may have failed to realize its effects on them before but somehow there’s really no harm in trying, especially when we had no other options to take.

Now available grounding tools and gadgets in the market range from books and starter kits which include grounding sheet and pad.

Doing grounding outdoor is always safer especially when your free from all those radioactive-exposing devices which is always available indoor. But I am not saying that you are totally free from these harmful electromagnets outside. There are always possibilities of stray voltage.

Installing grounding devices in your home is not really that easy as walking bare foot on the sand, mud or grass outside, It needs proper understanding of some technicalities, hence you need to fully understand how these devices works. In installing it, or you may say, in simply using that grounding sheet you need to measure the amount of Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF)) in your area by using an EMF meter. It is not advisable to ground yourself in a highly-EHF surrounding as you will be exposing yourself more to these metallic electromagnets. Remember that man is a good conductor of these electromagnets. Before, switching on your ground sheet and taking cover under it or sleeping in it, be sure you had switch off every available gadgets near to you in order to lower the level of EMP. Be sure to read the EMF Meter to be sure of this.

Now that you had gained a better understanding on how grounding works in our environment and how it affects and benefits our body, it is up to you on how you would gauge its benefit to health development as a whole.