The Right Resveratrol Dosage – How Much Resveratrol is the Right Amount For Me?

How much Resveratrol is the right amount? Is there are perfect dosage or amount that is best? And with so much different advice out there, how do I pick the right product to get the maximum minimum time? One of the biggest obstacles facing anyone who wants to start on Resveratrol, is trying to separate the “fact from fiction”, especially in the often manipulative “marketing speak” that is so common, unfortunately, online.

So what IS the right dosage of Resveratrol? I want the BIGGEST benefit, in the shortest amount of time!

Don’t we all, right? The truth is that there may NOT yet be a correct dosage that is commonly agreed upon by science and skeptics alike. The one fact that does seem to be true is that ANY amount of Resveratrol you add to your diet is BETTER than having none at all…:-) In other words, taking an active role in getting Resveratrol included in your daily diet is a good thing, and on it’s face, should be something all of us who want to be healthy are trying to do.

In terms of specific amounts?

The amount of Resveratrol in many of the newer, and more popular nutracutical products FAR exceeds the amounts found in wine, grape skins, peanuts and other plant based foods where trace amounts of res are found. As a matter of fact, 50MG of trans Resveratrol, as found in several of the more popular products (and going up to as much as 200mg per serving) is the equivalent of having to drink several hundred bottles of RED wine. (the #1 place that most anti oxidant aficionados get their daily dosage)

The Bottom Line?

Scientists and skeptics will continue to argue about how “much” is enough. But remember, lots of the research being done today in private (and public) places shows that real benefits, like the ones seen in the lab, CAN be seen in humans, and in reasonably low levels of resveratrol to boot! So worry less about the perfect dose….and worry MORE about making it a part of your daily diet instead!