Where to Buy Resveratrol – The 3 Best Reasons to Buy Resveratrol Online (No Bull)

Where should i buy Resveratrol? Should I get it online…or simply visit my local supermarket or health food store? How about the local juice bar or “shack” that opened in my mall or town? Any of these questions sound familiar to you? If you are like many of the people who enjoy our articles, the simple truth is that if you’re interested in the best places to buy this magical and mysterious anti-oxidant, all of these have probably occurred to you at one time or another.

The BEST reasons to buy Resveratrol online are actually pretty obvious

Now, let it be no secret that I’m a fan and affiliate of several of the more popular, genuine Rez products on the market..and you can ONLY get these products online. But the simple truth is that a trip down to my local supermarket, or “juice” bar, or even natural health store, reveals some pretty obvious reasons why you shouldn’t be spending your supplement “cents” on these products. (just yet, anyway)

Resveratrol Juice or Fruit Smoothies?

They aren’t so smooth..:-) The truth is that these products may taste great, but there is no appreciable amount of Resveratrol in them at all. They are much more like deserts that pass themselves off as healthy, and unfortunately they are far more common than most of us who care about authentic health and wellness would like.

Supermarket Supplements?

Sort of the same problem. The products they pick, and carry are usually targeted for mass appeal, and manufactured by major companies who have an eye on budget and break evens…..rather than giving the average consumer a high level of authentic Resveratrol like many of the online only supplements promise. (50mg of trans Resveratrol per serving and up)


Simply stated, you can save money buying “direct” from the distributor online, who are often the manufacturers as well. If you are on a budget, and spend a little bit of time “crunching the numbers”, you’ll often find the deals are MUCH better online, than off!